Gift Baskets and Gift Basket Ideas

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Finding gifts for wine lovers can be tough as there are so many options out there. Well, if you want to give someone the best and most elegant gift ever, then gift baskets are your best option. With one of these, you can pile loads of little things into one stunning package. It looks incredible, and there’s something special about receiving a gift basket, it just feels nice!

With that in mind, you’re probably wondering what gift basket ideas lie out there for you. Well, here are a few that you should strongly consider:

Around the world gift basket

This is one of the most popular gift baskets for men and women. The idea is simple; you give them a basket with things from all four corners of the world. This includes wine from Argentina and France, chocolates straight out of Belgium, luxury spreads from Greece, and delicate appetizers from Italy. They get the full package, and it gives them some extra things to enjoy with the wine.

Champagne gift basket

When it comes to luxury gift baskets, you can’t go wrong with a bit of champagne. A gift basket like this is perfect for a celebration. It’s ideal for birthdays, but we find it works really well as an ‘employee of the month’ gift as well. They get bottles of champagne, along with a few other luxury treats to enjoy as well.

Californian wine basket

California is known for a lot of things, but did you know it’s home to some of the most delightful wine in the US? As such, there are some tremendous Californian gift baskets out there that contain the best bottles this state has to offer. Of course, you get all the trimmings as well, including chocolates, crackers, and other things to bring out the taste of the wine.

Picnic gift basket

If you really want to get creative, then why don’t you combine a gift basket idea with a picnic basket. These days, picnic baskets are very popular gift ideas for wine lovers. In our eyes, these are such a great idea for your partner on an anniversary, Valentines Day, or their birthday. With one of these, you get a picnic basket full of gifts and treats. This includes various foods and things you can eat at a picnic, some wine bottles and luxury glassware, and even cutlery to eat with as well. It’s a stunning gift basket idea as there’s some practicality to it as well. When the picnic is over, you’ve still got a lovely basket that can be used for future hampers as well.

Whether you’re shopping for the best employee gift ideas, or you need a luxury gift basket for a close friend; these are some of the best ideas around. Give the gift of wine, and you’ll make everyone happy! If you’re interested luxury gift baskets that contain excellent wine along with brilliant extras, then shop now at Fine Dining & Wine. We have a range of baskets that are perfect for different gifts, and you can even personalize some as well.