Unique, Elegant Gift Ideas, Wine Lover Gifts

Posted by admin 11/09/2018 0 Comment(s)

Most people have someone in their lives who absolutely adores wine. Usually, this means you get them the same wine gifts every year; a bottle of some good stuff, and maybe a glass or corkscrew if you’re feeling generous.

Well, with Christmas just around the corner, it’s time you broaden your mind and thought about some other gifts for wine lovers. Here are a few unique gift ideas that are perfect for anyone that loves a glass of wine or two: Personalized set of coasters

If you drink wine, then you need a coaster to set the glass on. Otherwise, you have to deal with wine glass rings on the table, and it’s just too much mess to handle. So, some personalized coasters are perfect for wine lovers. They’re elegant, classy, and you add some thoughtfulness to them by making them personal to the receiver. This type of thing is a great holiday gift idea for clients, co-workers, customers, etc. It’s simple, yet packs a pretty awesome punch!

Picnic basket set

Picnics and wine, if there’s a better combination of any two things, then I’ve not seen it. The only thing better than drinking wine at home is drinking it out in a lovely park with someone you love. As such, a picnic basket set is a perfect gift to give to a notorious wine lover. You can get some really gorgeous ones that include cutlery sets, coffee, and so much more. I think this is such a good Christmas idea for a boss or husband/wife/partner.

Wine refrigerator

A wine refrigerator is a gorgeous mini fridge specifically for wine. A wine and beverage refrigerator is the ideal fridge for those wanting to store a variety of drinks. Tweak the settings, so the bottles are always at the peak temperature, meaning there’s more flavor in every drop.

Wine Caddy

For those that don’t know, a wine caddy is pretty much a fancy little bag for a bottle of wine. This is such an original gift idea for that person in your life who is crazy about wine. Perhaps they always bring a bottle to parties, but they’re embarrassed carrying it around in a plastic bag all the time. Well, this little caddy gives their precious wine some added protection, while also looking stylish in their hand.

Around the world hamper

Lastly, why don’t you just go all out and get someone a basket of wine and treats from around the world? With this, they get to sample different bottles from some of the best wine regions on the planet. Add in some chocolates, olives, and other little nibbles, and you’ve got a brilliant holiday gift idea.

If you’re looking for unique and elegant gift ideas for wine lovers, then these are five of the best around. They’re suitable for friends, family, lovers, clients, bosses; anyone that loves wine!